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  Warren Robinson is an exceptional kid from one of Chicago's most notorious south side neighborhoods.  Caught in the gravitational pull of the Black Cobras street gang, Warren struggles to pull away by escaping into the world of his comic book art.

Warren also agonizes over his recent involvement in the accidental shooting death of young Dalilah Wilkins, the innocent victim of a gang hit gone bad.  It is a crime orchestrated by charismatic Black Cobra leader, Victor Wallace, who is also suspected in the earlier execution style murder of fellow gang member Dillon Hunter- a crime that remains unsolved.

Like many kids in his neighborhood, Warren deals with his father’s absence. This is a problem that has created an environment which leaves him, his friends, and the community-at-large vulnerable to the manipulative power of Victor. Warren resents this control, but feels powerless against it.

As this resentment and anger builds in Warren’s subconscious, it begins to trigger an event-generating power, which Warren must quickly begin to understand, and control.

Tormented by vivid dreams, Warren draws a series of comic book scenes, which begins to coincide with actual real-life events.  In his drawings, a dark Hooded Man stalks and kills members of the Black Cobras.  The shock comes when Warren notices that the local news reports depicting the scenes in his comics are televised several days after the drawings have been completed. 

 Questioning his sanity, Warren looks for a reality check from best friend Phillip Royce, aka, Pasha.  After examining the bizarre chain of events, Pasha assures Warren that he is not crazy- it is some sort of special power being activated through Warren, but how?

The events generated by this power, now begin to rule Warren, the Black Cobras, and the entire community.  This dark Hooded Man intervenes in the lives of ordinary people, but often with violent, destructive force.  As he begins to feel the dark aspects of the events he is generating from deep within, Warren steps up and begins to take control.

By owning it, Warren can now redirect its destructive aspects and take down Victor Wallace for good, but they need an appropriate name. With Pasha’s help they decide to name this power “The Black Shield”.

Now The Black Shield can serve as a form of active hope for those who believe.