In conclusion I think it’s important to say that the art and business of making films is not for the faint of heart. It is one of the only art forms that require a number of different elements and disciplines working together in an attempt to produce something that is thoughtful and at the same time entertaining. It is also one of the most costly art forms. But if you have a vision and the drive to see it through the rewards can be tremendous.

     The kinds of films that have endured over the many years since the early 1900s, have always been the ones that spoke to a particular time, attitude or concern. Films that have made and continue to make their mark on generations of filmmakers and filmgoers alike. From filmmakers like Alfred Hitchcock to Stanley Kubrick to Steven Spielberg, director’s whose films not only represent the time in which they were made, but continue to endure and out-live the confinements of it. These are the things you strive for when making the decision to commit to investing in this or any film.

     After over twenty years in this business I can honestly say that you don’t just do this for fun or the glory of it. You do it because you love it and because you believe that what you are trying to say is important.

     So as you make the decision of whether or not to be a part of this project, keep that in mind because it is that foundation we will need to draw from as we work together to tell this story.


Martin L. Hudson

Director/ Producer