Sean O'Reilly


Inspired in childhood by Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark, Sean would take his parents' 8mm camera and make short films. He won an award in high school communications class with a stop-motion animation project created with the same 8mm camera. The seed was planted.

Sean studied Fine Arts and Medical Illustration at Ohio State. Still not satisfied with the creative potential of the illustration medium, he pursued a film degree at Columbia College Chicago for writing and directing. After writing several shorts, shooting on a 16mm Bolex camera, editing, adding music, and winning Best of Tech 2 film festival, Sean had come full circle. He had re-discovered the medium which would satisfy his creative drive.

Sean began working in production in 2004 as a production assistant on The Weather Man. Batman Begins and Stranger Than Fiction were the next feature projects which propelled him from Chicago to Los Angeles and Boston to work as a staff PA for other notable feature projects such as The Dark Knight, Eagle Eye, Wanted, GI Joe: Rise of Cobra and Surrogates.

Working on big Hollywood studio projects is an invaluable experience for rubbing shoulders with some of the best technical and creative talent in the business.

The final leg of his vision is in motion.  He now spends his time developing and producing feature projects with creative friends who share a similar creative spark.