Kwame Amoaku


As a Director/Cameraman/Producer Kwame first brought notice to his unique vision with a 13 episode series on Fox Sports Net called “Preps”. In this reality based documentary he followed high school basketball stars in their last year of school. His subjects included Chicago Bulls center Eddie Curry, Arizona University’s Will Bynum and Illinois Illni player Luther Head. It was acclaimed by many sports writers and professional athletes. He was tapped by Digital Ranch’s Emmy Award winning Producer Rob Kirk to direct the 2ndunit of the United States Army’s 9 spot commercial and web series 24/7. It featured soldiers from many different backgrounds and specialties in a variety of locations. From the deserts of Arizona to the swamps of Florida, Kwame’s unit was charged with capturing soldiers in a variety of training scenarios. The partnership between Kwame and Rob continued with a joint production deal between 5 Guns No Cables, Digital Ranch and Russell Simmons and Stan Lathan’s Simmons Lathan Media Group. Kwame was tapped to be the inaugural Def Filmmaker with the provocative documentary F.E.D.S. Based on the street magazine, it was a look into the darkest parts of the underground culture that the world only hears in the lyrics of hardcore Hip Hop. These were followed by two more projects. “The Industry”, a behind the scenes look at the characters that make up the corporate structure of the Hip Hop music business. It featured Outkast, Kanye West, and Ludacris. “Hip Hop Justice”, was a joint production between Simmons Lathan and Court TV. It examined the collision of the Hip Hop world and Law enforcement. Tupac and C murder were featured with interviews with Nelson George and Ice T.

 Kwame’s greatest asset to production has been his intuitiveness, respect and knowledge of the craft and his uncanny ability to be effective in various facets of production. His involvement has ranged from an assistant director in conjunction with top directors such as: Hype Williams, Christopher Robinson, and David Cornell, to the commercial arena with premiere clients such as Mercedes Benz, American Airlines, and Kellogg's Kwame has also worked as a production coordinator for Pytka, Backyard, and Crossroads, whose clients include: Proctor and Gamble - Gatorade and General Motors to name a few. He has also levied his experience in production departments of several major motion pictures like “Save the Last Dance”, Hardball, and “The Watcher” again reiterating his flexibility. Always giving back to his roots in the “Indie” world, Kwame has headed up various independent feature films including, “The Misanthrope” (Winner special jury prize South by Southwest Film Festival.) and “Dark”. (Winner Urban World). A pioneering spirit, in 1999 Kwame headed up 5 Guns No Cables a production company specializing in Photography and Film. The company’s guiding ideology is “Tactical and logistical support for image capturing”. Specializing in unorthodox production situations 5 Guns has provided production services for Simmons Lathan Media Group, Digital Ranch, Service Station, and many others. He has also formed an alliance with several directors including Future, Sonny Coleman, and Jay Martin to bring a new generation of voices and ideas to the forefront. Kwame Amoaku is a Directors Guild of America member. As a multifaceted film professional with tireless dedication and a keen mind for logistically difficult situations, his love for the art form of filmmaking is only rivaled by his dogged pursuit of excellence in the execution of artistic vision.